Bread Bags


12x16 1.4mil 4BG PP GUSSET BAG-CLR 1M

6x3x15 1.5mil LDPE GUSSET BAG-CLR 1M

Foil Garlic Bread Bag - 5 1/4 x 3 x 20

Garlic Design.

Alternate #1306

8x22 1.4mil 3BG PP GUSSET BAG-CLR 1M

8x4x18 .75mil LLDPE GUSSET BAG-CLR 1M

9x13 1.4mil 4 BG PP GUSSET BAG-CLR 1M

Inno-Pak® Clear Unprinted BOPP Loose Pack Crusty Bread Bag

Good for breads and rolls. Polypropylene and micro-perf bags can also be custom printed. Available in various sizes.

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Bagcraft™ Dubl Wax® Window Bag w/Seal Strip

Wheat design. Seal strip allows secure closure with a label.

Alternate #300887