C-Fold Towels


Bright Solutions® C-Fold Towel - White

100% recycled. Contains a minimum of 40% post-consumer waste, which meets EPA guidelines. 10 1/8" x 13".

Alternate #BSL-CFT1507


Bright Solutions® C-Fold Towel - 10 1/8" x 13"

Designed for performance and offer superior strength, absorbency and softness. Folded towels are made from high-class 100% recycled fibers. Contain a minimum of 50% post-consumer waste. Dispensed through most universal folded towel dispensers. Green Seal™ certified. 150 per pack, 16 packs per case.

Alternate #BSL-CFT1508

GP Envision® 1 Ply C-Fold Towel

Offers dependable absorbency, thickness, and strength. Designed to fit into a wide range of C-Fold dispensers. Green Seal™ certified. EcoLogo™ certified. Use Disp.: 56601, 56620, 56630-01, 56640, 56650-01.

Alternate #25190

GP Signature® 2-Ply Premium C-Fold Paper Towel

Signature 2-Ply C-Fold paper disposable towels let you pamper your guests, tenants and customers with the ultimate in luxury. Use disp: 56601, 56620,56630-01, 56640,56650-01.

Alternate #23000

Scott® 100% Recycled C-Fold Towel

Made with 100% recycled fiber. Meets EPA standards for minimum post consumer waste content (towels: 40%). Towel codes contain no added fragrances. Meets EPA standards; FSC® and EcoLogo® certified.

Alternate #002920

Scott® C-Fold Towels - 10.125" x 13.15"

Made with Absorbency Pockets™ that absorbs lots of water fast, for superior hand drying. Fits into any multi-fold dispenser. Meets EPA standards; FSC® and EcoLogo® certified.

Alternate #001510