Deli & Food Serv. Sheets/Rolls


Pak-Sher® Envirosheets Q10 Deli/Bakery Sheet -10" x 10.75"

50% PCR. Each case is made from 6 recycled milk jugs!

Alternate #8804


Bagcraft Eco-Craft™ Eco-Wax NK10 Deli Paper-10" x 10 3/4"

Environmentally responsible. Chlorine-free pulp. Soy-blended wax product. Interfolded. Case Pack: 12@500.

Alternate #016010

Bagcraft™ MarketWax® Dry Wax Deli Paper - 12" x 10 3/4"

Standard weight. Easy-to-grab sheets in a convenient, pop-up box dispenser. Multiple uses include food wrap, scale sheet, pick up sheet and basket liner. Standard weight dry wax sheet is moisture resistant with wet strength for constant performance in multiple foodservice applications. Interfolded. White.

Bagcraft™ ArtisanWax® Heavyweight Dry Wax Deli Paper

Superior moisture resistance and wet strength to stand up to the most demanding foodservice applications. Multiple uses include food wrap, scale sheet, pick up sheet and basket liner. White.

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Bagcraft™ EcoCraft® I-Rap® 2Ply Insulated Tray Liner

Provides grease resistance and heat retention without a wax, foil or poly barrier. Offers grease protection and absorbency for fried food applications. I-Rap® retains heat while allowing moisture to escape.

Alternate #300384

Elkay BOPP Poly Sheet - 14" x 14"

Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) wrapping sheets. Ideal for wrapping sandwiches, wraps, and subs as well as other items such as candies and flowers. Since they are made from durable Polypropylene, they offer exceptional clarity that will help their food contents appear more appetizing and fresh. BOPP wrapping sheets are strong, flexible and adhere to FDA and USDA regulations for food contact.

Natural Waxed Interfolded Deli Sheet - 12 x 10 3/4

FDA Approved for direct food contact. Soy-free.

McNairn Interfolded Delicatessen Paper - Reg., 10" x 10 3/4"

Available regular weight, medium weight and high density wraps.

McNairn MXN Interfolded Deli Sheet - 12" x 10.75"

Looking natural interfolded deli paper.