Carpet Extraction Cleaner


Pro Line® Carpet Extraction & Cleaner/Sanitizer - Gal

A one step extraction cleaner designed to clean and restore carpets and upholstery to a deep cleaned look and clean smell. Ideal for essentially all commercial carpet applications.

Alternate #57472

Diversey Dry Foam Shampoo & Encapsulation Cleaner - Gal.

Excellent wetting neutral carpet and upholstery detergent that is free of alkalis and soap. Product encapsulates soils to dry and be vacuumed out. Dries in as little as 30 minutes, reducing down time.

Alternate #9BP92017

Diversey Extraction Rinse SC - 1.5 L RTD®

Removes hard water deposits and neutralizes alkaline residue on synthetic and wool carpets from previous cleanings. Safe to use on all colorfast carpets. Slightly acidic product keeps extractor jets from clogging. Leaves no tacky residue.

Alternate #93515042

Diversey Extraction Cleaner - Gal.

Use as a prespray, bonnet buff or extraction cleaner. Low foam formula works with today's high pressure extractors. Colorless with a floral fresh scent. Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect equipment.

Alternate #903844

Bright Solutions® Deep Extractor - Gal.

A concentrated carpet cleaner for use in extraction cleaners. Penetrates carpet and loosens soils quickly so they are vacuumed into the extraction machine. Formulated with a very pleasant fresh fragrance. Eliminates odors to leave carpet smelling clean.

Alternate #BSL9240041