Food Service Disinfectant / Sanitizers


GOJO® Purell® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer - 32 oz.

No-rinse, food-contact surface sanitizer and cleaner. Eliminates Norovirus, Salmonella, E.coli and Listeria in 30 seconds. Kosher Pareve. Proven effective across most hard and soft surfaces. Sealed and capped bottles with riggers included.

Alternate #3341-06

Bright Solutions® Hard Surface Sanitizer - Qt.

This product has been cleared by the EPA in 40CFR180.940(a) and c for use on hard non-porous surfaces. Cleans without bleaching. Ready-to-use.

Alternate #BSL4300012

Diversey D10 Concentrated Sanitizer Disinfectant

A quaternary ammonium chloride-based no-rinse sanitizer for three-compartment sinks and food contact surfaces. Safe for soft and precious metals (silver and gold).

Alternate #5373252

Diversey Liqu-A-Klor™ Sanitizer - 5 Gal.

An effective liquid bactericide disinfectant and sanitizer for food contact equipment and utensils.

Alternate #100839975


Diversey J-512™ Sanitizer - Gal.

A no-rinse sanitizer that conveniently and effectively sanitizes food contact surfaces where sanitization is of prime importance. For use on hard, nonporous surfaces, utensils and equipment. No need to rinse, just allow to drain and air dry.

Alternate #5756018

P&G Clean Quick® Chlorinated Sanitizer & Cleaner - 10 lb.

Chlorine, non-rinse sanitizer and cleaner. Designed for cleaning and sanitizing milk shake and soft serve machines. Powder. High phosphate formula helps prevent milk stone.

Alternate #02580

Luster Steramine Sanitizer Tablet - 150 ct.

An effective, quat-based, EPA registered third sink sanitizer tablet for all food contact surfaces when cleaned and processed in a 3-tank manual warewash. Blue tablet. Dilution: 1 to 2 tablets per gallon.

Alternate #00011

Bright Solutions® Food Service Sanitizer - Gal.

EPA Registered, quat based sanitizer. For use in food processing and restaurants. pH neutral, odorless. Dilution: 1/4 oz./gal.

Alternate #BSL4940041

Diversey Liqu-A-Klor™ Sanitizer - Gal.

An effective liquid bactericide disinfectant and sanitizer for food contact equipment and utensils.

Alternate #02853280

P&G Clean Quick® Broad Range Sanitizer - Gal., Closed Loop

Quaternary, non-rinse sanitizer for third sink sanitizing of dishes, glasses, silverware, cooking utensils, and sanitizing hard (non-porous) surfaces. 200 ppm active quaternary when diluted at 1 fl. oz.

Alternate #07534

P&G Clean Quick® Chlorine Sanitizer 1-50 - 1 oz. Packet

Chlorine, non-rinse sanitizer. For third-sink sanitizing of dishes, glassware, silverware, and cooking utensils. Contains 25% sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate. EPA Reg. No. 10634-19-3573.

Alternate #02584