Dust Mops


P&G Swiffer® Sweeper Dry™ Dry Sweeping Cloth - 32 ct.

Designed to leave your floors up to 3X cleaner than a broom on dirt, dust and hair. Recommended by the wood floor experts at Armstrong.

Alternate #31822

Rubbermaid® Blue Twisted Loop Synthetic Dust Mop - 36"

A premium line of pre-laundered dust mops for maximum durability and optimal cleaning performance. No snagging, fraying, or unraveling. Slip on/slip through backing for easy set-up. Durable polyester backing designed for printing that will not launder out.

Rubbermaid® Cut-End Disposable Cotton Dust Mop - 36" x 5"

Envelope-end backing style. White.

Rubbermaid® Superstat™ Dust Mop - 24" x 5"

All synthetic, cut-end mop requires no dust mop treatment for general use and great performance. Easy "rinse and drip dry" or fully launderable for long product life. Envelope-end backing style. Blue.