Loop Mop Heads


Abco 4 Ply Blended Loop-End Wet Mop - Large

5" wide band. Blended mops are the most ideal choices for professional cleaning applications; using the best characteristics of synthetic, rayon and cotton in the final design.

Rubbermaid® Swinger Loop® Wet Mops

Looped-end, tailbanded mop for greater floor coverage. 4-ply, balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarn for absorbency and strength. Launderable for long product life.

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Rubbermaid® Super Stitch® Blend Mops

Balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarns for absorbency and strength. Looped-ends and yarn tailband mop for greater floor coverage.

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Rubbermaid® Swinger Loop® Finish Mop - Large, 1", White

Tightly twisted 8-ply yarn inhibits linting and provides a smooth, even application of floor finish. Tapeless tailband helps reduce streaking. Compact mop packaging cuts the problems of mop storage and inventory management. Headband: 1". Headband Color: White.

Rubbermaid® Web Foot® Shrinkless® Wet Mops

Contains antimicrobial product protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odors, stains and shortens useful product life. 4-ply, balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarn is pre-laundered. Looped ends and tailbanding reduce tangling for like-new performance after every laundering. Colorfast colors will not fade with repeated launderings.

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