Portion Cups & Lids


NetChoice Lid For 1 oz. Clear Portion Cup

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NetChoice Lid For 3.25 to 5.5 oz. Clear Portion Cup

Alternate #01362

Solo® Treated Paper Soufflé Portion Cups

While these soufflé portion cups work well for your customers, they're also an economical solution in the back-of-the-house. Chefs like to use these versatile cups as measuring tools.

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Solo® Polystyrene Plastic Soufflé Portion Cups

Quality performance for a wide variety of dine in and carryout applications. The choices are plentiful with Solo's soufflé portion cups and lids. Choose from a wide variety of sizes to cater to different application needs. Cups available in translucent and black. Audible "snap" lid closure prevents leaks. Which are available in translucent or black.

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Dart® Conex® Complements® Portion Containers & Lids

Made of durable, crack-resistant polypropylene, they're ideal for the many diverse dining and carryout applications in today's foodservice market. Durable and microwavable. Audible snap closure ensures secure lid seal.

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Pactiv Portion Cups & Lids

Signature sauces, salsa and slaws further enhance your menu items when they are in Pactiv's Portion Control Cups. Snap lock lids ensure that products travel well and resist leaking.

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Fabri-Kal® Greenware® Clear Portion Cups & Lids

Made from ingeo™ biopolymer, a PLA resin derived from plants. Plant sources are domestically grown and annually renewable. Durable material; no flavor or odor transfer. BPI certified to be 100% compostable in actively managed municipal or industrial facilities. Not suitable for backyard composting. Smooth rolled rims are leak-resistant, with snap-fit lid application and removal. Lids are stackable to aid in packing, transport and storage of lidded containers. Made in the USA.

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Fabri-Kal® Portion Cups

Stackable containers great for salads, sauces, dips, toppings. Snap-on, leak-proof lids with a fit you can hear. Made of polystyrene.

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Genpak® Pleated Portion Cup - 1.0 oz.

Available in .5 oz. To 5.5 oz. sizes.



NetChoice Plastic Soufflé Portion Cups

Available in a variety of sizes.

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Solo® Plastic Soufflé Portion Cup - 3 1/4 oz., Black

These polystyrene Soufflé Portion Cups come in black and translucent color options to allow you to match any décor or occasion. And to cater to your many needs, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes. All provide an excellent lid fit with audible snap closure which ensures secure lid seal.