Carpet Pre Sprays


Diversey Heavy Duty Prespray Plus - 1.5 L, RTD®

pH neutral cleaner for prespraying to loosen heavily soiled carpets. Contains soil repellent material to help reduce resoiling on carpet. Safe to use on all carpets including wool. Fruity fresh scent.

Alternate #93515034

Bright Solutions® Supercharged Carpet Bonnet Cleaner -Gal.

An excellent, concentrated spin bonnet cleaner that is supercharged with enzymes to digest soils and odors even after the pad has left the carpet. Great on odors. Spin cleaning for even the heaviest of soils.

Alternate #BSL9160041

Pro Line® #64 Heavy Duty Spray Cleaner - Gal.

A powerful 2-in-1 heavy duty spray cleaner, designed for grease-cutting and vandalism/graffiti mark removal. Environmentally friendly, butyl-free. Clean fresh fragrance.

Alternate #57509

Maxim® Pre-Treat Traffic Lane Pre-Spray - Gal.

Professional strength formulated to penetrate, soften and loosen entrapped soil from carpets and fabrics. Mild pH. Will not damage carpet fibers.

Alternate #092000-41